Proceedings from the 1998 Specialty Forest Products/Forest Farming Conference


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SECTION 1: Farming the Forest for Specialty Forest Products: From Production to Marketing

  • Farming the Forest in Agroforestry Systems: An Overview. Bruce C. Wright.
  • From Wildcrafting to Intentional Cultivation: The Potential for Producing Specialty Forest Products in Agroforestry Systems in Temperate North America. Wayne S. Teel and Louise E. Buck.
  • Social Values of Specialty Forest Products to Rural Communities. Marla R. Emery.
  • Indigenous Use of Non-Timber Forest Products by the Guidar of Northern Cameroon (Poster Abstract). Steven Olson.
  • Developing Special Forest Products Markets for Nonindustrial Private Forest Land Owners. Jim Freed.
  • Menominee Forest Past and Present (Paper Abstract). Steven J. Arnold.
  • Multiple Benefits of Arid Land Agroforestry Home Gardens and Riparian Ecosystems. Peter F. Ffolliott.
  • Forest Farming in British Columbia. Richard D. Hallman, Jill Hatfield, and Harold E. Macy.
  • Exploring and Valuing Urban Non-Timber Forest Products (Poster Abstract). Melanie Bode.

SECTION 2: Medicinals and Botanicals

  • Medicinals and Dietary Supplements: Specialty Forest Products with a Long Tradition. Jim Chamberlain and A.L. Hammett.
  • Balancing Conservation with Utilization: Restoring Populations of Commercially Valuable Medicinal Herbs in Forests and Agroforests. Richard A. Cech.
  • Assessing and Developing New Markets for Ethnobotanicals and General Medicinals. Trish Flaster.
  • Growing American Ginseng in its Native Woodland Habitat. W. Scott Person.
  • Producing and Marketing Wild Simulated Ginseng in Forest and Agroforestry Systems. Andy Hankins.
  • Large-Scale Contract Growing of Medicinals and Botanicals in Agroforestry Systems. Edward Fletcher.
  • On-Farm Hedgerow Production of Certified Organic Medicinal Plant Materials (Poster Abstract). Dean Hively.

SECTION 3: Handicrafts, Specialty Woods and Decorative Florals

  • Using Resource Inventories to Determine the Potential for Non-Timber Forest Product Production. John Krantz and Shelby G. Jones.
  • Specialty Wood & Wood Products for Handicraft Markets. Shelby G. Jones.
  • What is it Craft Buyers Want? Results of a Nationwide Survey. Pamela J. Brown.
  • Finding a Buyer in the Wholesale Market. Pamela J. Brown.
  • Christmas Trees: Plantations to Agroforestry Systems. Richard D. Hallman.
  • Profitable Crops for Unlikely Places: Producing Handicraft and Floral Products in Riparian Agroforestry Buffer Zones. (Paper Abstract). Bruno Moser.
  • Value Added Processing/Marketing of Forest Based Florals: Workshop Notes. (Paper Abstract). Don Mitchell and Cherie Mitchell.
  • Designer Pine Straw Mulch: Biology, Production, and Marketing (Paper Abstract). C.A. Blanche and H.F. Carion.

SECTION 4: Forest Based Food Products

  • Producing Forest-Based Food Products in Permaculture Systems. Mark L. Shepard.
  • Will the Big Bad Wolf Get Food Poisoning From Grandma's Cooking? Joellen M. Feirtag.
  • Emerging Business Produces and Markets North Dakota Fruit Products. (Poster Abstract). Marcus Jackson.
  • The Potential of Hybrid Hazelnuts in Agroforestry and Woody Agricultural Systems. Philip A. Rutter.
  • Regeneration Management of Oak and Associated Wild Forages. (Poster Abstract). James. J. Zaczek.
  • Pollination and Honey Production in the Forest and Agroforest. Deborah B. Hill.
  • Flower Collection for Pollen Production. (Paper Abstract). Barry Jones.
  • Farming Forest Fungi for Added Income. (Paper Abstract). Joseph Krawczyk.
  • Marketing: The Key to a Successful Shiitake Mushroom Business. Don Schoepski.
  • Notes on Shiitake Mushroom Production and Marketing. (Letter from Andy Hankins).
  • What do we Still Need to Know About Commercial Production of Forest-Grown Specialty Fungi? Johann N. Bruhn.
  • Log Culture of Auricularia polytricha Utilizing Different Woody Substrates in Hawaii. (Poster Abstract). N.S. Dudley and S. Schenck.

SECTION 5: The Unique Challenges of Producing and Marketing Specialty Forest Products

  • Decisions...Decisions...Decisions: Considerations for Starting a Natural Resource-Based Enterprise. Jonathan S. Kays.
  • Improving the Success of Natural Resource-Based Enterprises. Jonathan S. Kays.
  • Designing Marketing Plans for Specialty Forest Products. Clyde Vollmers and Stacy Vollmers.
  • Creating Marketing Support for Specialty Forest Products. Clyde Vollmers and Stacy Vollmers.
  • Weaving Sustainability into a Cooperative Network. Christina Johnson.
  • Building Cooperative Networks. Christina Johnson.
  • Wholesale and Direct Marketing of Specialty Forest Products. Jennifer-Claire V. Klotz.
  • Marketing Specialty Forest Products in the Southeast: Opportunities for Research, Education, and Outreach. (Poster Abstract). A.L. Hammett and James L. Chamberlain.
  • Non-Timber Forest Products in Central Appalachia: Market Opportunities for Rural Development. (Poster Abstract). A.L. Hammett and James L. Chamberlain.
  • The Formation of the Minnesota Agro-Forestry Cooperative (Poster Abstract). Joe Dooley.

SECTION 6: Emerging Issues in Forest Farming for Specialty Forest Products

  • The Role and Importance of Regional and National Trade Associations in Marketing Specialty Forest Products. Charlie Touchette.
  • Opportunities and Limitations for the Certification of Non-Timber Forest Products from Well-Managed Forests. Alan R. Pierce.
  • Specialty Forest Products in the Forest: Integrating Special Products Into Ecosystems and Landscape Management. John R. Davis.
  • The World Wide Web: An Emerging Technology for Marketing Special Forest Products. A.L. Hammett, Shelby Jones, and Phil Araman.

SECTION 7: Conference Summary

  • Conference Summary. Bruce C. Wight and Melvin J. Baughman.


  • 1998 Conference Registrants.