Farm Maps

Farmmaps is a farmer-to-farmer networking tool providing case studies of landowners who have adopted agriculture and forestry practices to improve soil health, the environment, and often the grower/landowners bottom line.

Farmmaps provides an online platform for landowners, growers and natural resource professionals interested in learning about new practices, connecting with farmers/landowners with experience with those practices, and learning from their experience and perspectives as farmers/growers/landowners.

For most cases, there is a description of the case, a 1-2 page case study write-up in pdf format that you can read online or download and print, photos of the operation, contact information for the landowner, and a map and directions if you are interested in visiting the properties.

Currently we have 3 types of case studies: 1) soil health case studies (tillage, cover crops, etc.); 2) silvopasture systems which combine pasture and trees to provide improved feed for cattle and opportunities for forest management with potential economic and environmental benefits; and 3) snow fences supported by MnDOT. MnDOT pays landowners to install a structural or plant barrier to limit the impacts of blowing and drifting snow on roadways they consider problem sites.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the landowners/farmers/growers who were willing to share their experiences to help support others interested in these practices.

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